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The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, located in Minnesota, has recently released digitalized pages of an Armenian manuscript that showcases a variety of decorative initials and border images. This manuscript, which is both handwritten and illustrated, is accompanied by an engraving and utilizes the graceful Armenian Notrgir script, also known as “minuscule.” Originally invented for speed, this script was extensively used in the Armenian diaspora from the 16th to the 18th centuries and later gained popularity in printing. The manuscript contains a brief commentary on the Parables of the Gospels, initially composed in Etchmiadzin in 1780 CE.Despite its relatively late

by Ani Margaryan Several photographs have recently surfaced on social media platforms that depict pages extracted from an early 20th-century Armenian publication that was printed in Tiflis, the capital city of Georgia, where a thriving Armenian community was present during the period. The book was purposed to be used as a textbook for Armenian schools and an additional resource for those who wanted to gain a major in the discipline of Armenian history. The author is Avetick Ter-Hakobian, the former teacher of Armenian geography at the Nersisian School, an Armenian higher education institution in the city of Tiflis, active from

The Fowler Museum at UCLA is currently hosting a significant exhibition called "Janyak: Armenian Art of Knots and Loops." The exhibition opened its doors to the public in April of last year and will remain on display until April 7, 2024. It is curated by Gassia Armenian, a Fowler curatorial and research associate.The collection on display features 14 janyak doilies created by Marie Pilibossian (1898–1986), an Armenian genocide survivor who emigrated to America. Professor Avedis Sanjian, a prominent Armenian Studies scholar, encouraged Pilibossian to donate the doilies to the Fowler Museum in 1980, believing it was crucial to document this

The episode titled "Vardavar" that aired on the Disney Junior channel within the animated film "Minnie Mouse's Fun House" showcased Armenian culture for the first time. This event marked a significant milestone for Armenian culture, as it was the first time that it had been featured on the Disney Junior channel.The episode portrays the traditional Armenian festival of Vardavar, which celebrates Astghik, the goddess of water, beauty, love, and fertility. Vardavar is a popular festival in Armenia that is rooted in an ancient Armenian legend and involves splashing water on each other. The episode premiered on March 1 and was

Lambert Bernardi (c.1485–1567) was an English Renaissance painter who created a series of allegorical portraits that came to be known as the Amberley Panels. These panels, measuring 155 by 86 centimeters each, comprising eight extant oak wood panels painted in a mixture of oil and egg tempera, depict virtuous ladies who exemplified courage and dignity in the face of adversity. Each panel portrays a woman holding weapons, symbols, or heraldic shields, with a gentle smile on her face and a specific symbol or weapon attributed to her. The women depicted in these panels are adorned in attire typical of the

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