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The Armenian Student Association of China (ASAC) organized a joint event with their Chinese counterparts, where the two cultures converged in a celebration of poetry and cultural harmony. The event took place at the Dongyue Temple in Beijing and was marked by a display of mutual appreciation for each other's cultures.During the event, students from both Armenia and China shared and recited their favorite poems with each other. They delved into the meaning of each other's poetry and explored the cultural context behind them. Furthermore, the Armenian hostess wore a replica of the traditional garments of the Karin region.The exchange

ARMAT, an animated short film produced by Swiss-based filmmaker √Člodie Dermange, whose grandfather is Armenian, is currently being considered for the Academy Awards, as the Hollywood Reporter has included ARMAT in its list of 15 animated short films that could potentially receive an Oscar nomination.The short film, which explores the filmmaker's Armenian family history, features interviews with her father and great-aunt.A young Swiss woman searches for her Armenian roots. Various lovingly animated drawers of the simultaneously accumulating family archive open. This very personal examination of the collective traumas of post-migrant communities finds images and words for racism and the difficulties

In December 2023, Armenian students who are studying in China exhibited their skills and demonstrated the diverse and vibrant culture of their home country.On December 9th, the international forum "Chinese for the World: Openness into the Future" took place at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. Syuzanna Muradyan, an Armenian student residing in Beijing, participated in this major event while wearing a stylized Armenian garment with Armenian folk costume motifs.On December 10th, the Southwest University in Chongqing, a major city in the Sichuan region of the People's Republic of China, organized the 16th International Cultural Festival. This festival provided

Between December 8 and 11, the 16th annual scientific session of the Young Armenian Art Historians took place at the National Academy of Sciences in celebration of the 80th anniversary of its establishment.Eminent scholars from Armenia and abroad participated in the event, presenting more than four dozen scientific presentations dedicated to the life and activities of renowned artists and the theory and history of Armenian art. The presentations also explored the artistic and aesthetic connections between Armenian art and other civilizations.During her speech, Dr. Professor Anna Asatryan, the Head of the Institute of Art at the National Academy of Sciences,

The practice of blacksmithing has played a pivotal role in the local identity and cultural characteristics of the Armenian city of Gyumri for centuries. Recognizing its significance, UNESCO has recently recognized the tradition of blacksmithing in Gyumri as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.Despite the near disappearance of the practice in Armenia during the mid-twentieth century, the inhabitants of Gyumri have continued to preserve existing iron objects such as window lattices, fences, gates, doors, candlesticks, and chandeliers, made by old masters. In addition, current blacksmiths, some of whom are fifth- or sixth-generation masters, play an active role in safeguarding and transmitting this

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