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Between October and November 2023, an increasing number of Armenian teachers and students in China embraced the use of Armenian folk costumes to exhibit the rich cultural heritage and national identity of their country.  Among them, Karine Avdalyan, a teacher of Armenian origin at the Changzhou Changwai bilingual school, organized a class that focused on Armenian history and culture while donning Armenian garments from the Karin region. Her attire was accentuated with elegant headgear featuring intricate hand embroidery and beadwork.  During the opening ceremony of the sports games at Nanjing University, an international cultural festival was conducted to showcase the ancestral heritage

The ongoing 2023 Shanghai Armenia Promotion Week, taking place at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre until November 28th, is marked by the comprehensive representation of Armenian local production and cultural heritage. The event featured the emblematic Armenian products of brandy, honey, tea and a profound exhibition of the country's arts and crafts items. The event was complemented by a presentation by an Armenian student in China, Juleta Sahakyan, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Foreign Languages.The promotion week provides a significant platform for Armenian entrepreneurs to discover ideal partners, effectively penetrate the Chinese market, and augment their brand's international visibility. Winning

The renowned Khachaturian Trio of Armenia is set to embark on a concert tour of China, with performances scheduled in several major cities, including Dalian, Chongqing, Beijing, and Tianjian. Below is the detailed itinerary of the tour.On Friday, December 15th, the trio will perform at the Dalian Grand Theatre. On Sunday, December 17th, they will take the stage at the Chongqing Guotai Art Centre. On Tuesday, December 19th, the Chengdu City Concert Hall will host their concert. On Thursday, December 21st, they will perform at the Beijing Forbidden City Concert Hall, and on Saturday, December 23rd, they will conclude their

The 2023 Shanghai Armenia Promotion Week, which will take place at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre (No.1000, Yanan Road Mid, Jingan District Yanan, Shanghai, China, 上海市闵行区申昆路1988号 ),  aims to deepen China's understanding of Armenian culture, tourism, and products. Armenian companies participating in the conference will showcase their products, services, culture, investment projects, and tourism resources in Shanghai.  At the same time, representatives from Shanghai's renowned hotels and restaurants, large suppliers, and experienced investment companies will also attend this event. An award ceremony for the "Best Armenian Brand" competition will take place during the event. Products like wine, honey, mineral water, and dried

On November 5th, Binzhou University, located in Shandong province, hosted a lecture on the history of Armenian folk costumes and their evolution over time. The lecture was conducted by Dr. Ani Margaryan, a researcher in the field of Armenian national costume and Sino-Armenian cultural interactions, who holds a Ph.D. in Art and Humanities.  She highlighted the major sources for exploring Armenian national costume, its preservation, revival, stylization, and modernization. Chinese students were also introduced to Armenian accessories and folk garment details from Margaryan's collection. During the lecture, Chinese students showcased their talents by performing a traditional Chinese dance dressed in traditional

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