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The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute cordially announces the unveiling of its latest scholarly exposition, "Armenian Woman: Victim and Heroine of the Armenian Genocide," scheduled for April 23rd at 2:00 p.m.This exhibition endeavors to explore the nuanced historical narrative surrounding Armenian women during the Armenian Genocide, elucidating their multifaceted roles as both victims and agents of resilience amidst harrowing circumstances. Through an in-depth exploration of individuals such as Gulizar, Araxi Chepechyan, Parandzem Palyan, Zepyur Metspahkyan, Varter Nazaryan-Deranyan, Elmas Sarachyan-Poyachyan, Aurora Mardiganyan, Srbuhi Grigoryan, Zabel Yesayan, and Zaruhi Pahri, attendees will gain profound insights into the complex intersectionality of gender, identity, and survival.The

The forthcoming Mini World Cup Hangzhou for 2024 in football is set to take place on 8th June. In this tournament, nations will have the opportunity to enter 2-3 teams, each with their own unique logo and jersey. Sports Culture FC is pleased to offer teams the chance to fulfill their dream of representing their country on a global stage at the annual world finals. The tournament is being organized by Sports Culture FC, which was founded by Sipan Petrosyan, a former professional football player from Armenia who has been coaching since 2015 and holds a UEFA A license.After arriving

On April 20th, a unique cultural event was held on Tianxingzhou Island, also known as "Tianxing Island," situated in the middle of the Yangtze River in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The event, entitled "Armenian Evening," was organized by Anahit Vardanyan, an Armenian resident, in partnership with Hubei Yiyou Tianxia International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. The aim of the event was to promote intercultural communication between Armenians and Chinese in the region.The "Armenian Evening" was truly a cultural extravaganza that showcased Armenian history, customs, traditions, and cuisine. The event began with Armenian girls dressed in traditional clothes welcoming the Chinese guests.

On March 13th of the current year, Armenian students from a prominent university in the People's Republic of China, Nanjing University, participated in an annual international cultural event. The event was held to promote cross-cultural exchange, build bridges between different nations, and foster a multicultural and healthy environment.The Armenian booth was adorned with Armenian handicrafts, a pomegranate tree symbolizing family, eternity, and a strong connection with the homeland, Armenian cognac, and the Armenian alphabet, which dates back to 405 CE. The Armenian girls wore exclusive t-shirts featuring a depiction of a traditional Armenian girl. The girls also showcased Armenian national

Professor Qi Peicheng, a renowned Chinese historian and the head of the Research Institute of Armenology, Center for Transcaucasia Studies at Binzhou University in Shandong Province, has recently announced the much-anticipated publication of his work, "The History of Armenian Civilization." This comprehensive publication, written in the Chinese language, provides a detailed exploration of Armenia's history.It is worth noting that Professor Qi has dedicated several years of his career to fostering Sino-Armenian academic and cultural relations. He has organized conferences and lectures aimed at raising awareness of Armenia's centuries-old history and culture among Chinese audiences.This publication marks a significant milestone in

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