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The Nianhua, also known as Chinese New Year pictures, is a popular form of Banhua in China. It is a colored woodblock print that is frequently used for decoration and ritual performances during the Chinese New Year Holiday. As the New Year approaches, individuals paste fresh Nianhua in their house's Buddha niches, gates, windows, doors, walls, and stoves to help create a festive atmosphere and to seek good fortune for the coming year.Nianhua themes encompass both religious and secular aspects, ranging from door gods and mascots to opera scenes, babies, and beauties. These themes are intended to enhance the New

Astrid Poghosyan, a renowned Armenian violinist and television personality, was recently honored with the 2023 Shanghai Magnolia Silver Award for her outstanding contributions to the cultural development of Shanghai, China. This annual award recognizes foreign individuals who have made significant contributions to the city's growth and prosperity. Poghosyan's accomplishment is notable as she is the first Armenian to receive this prestigious recognition and one of the youngest awardees this year.Poghosyan has established herself as a rising star with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, where she currently serves as the Assistant to its President. She is widely known for her exceptional musical

The Binzhou Museum in Shandong Province, China, is presently exhibiting the works of Armenian contemporary artists owing to a fruitful collaboration with the Armenian Chinese Partnership Center. The exhibition showcases 34 pieces by sixteen artists, representing a diverse range of genres and styles, including realism, symbolism, abstractionism, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism, modernism, and more. The works on display also differ in their thematic direction, including landscape, portrait, still life, composition, and others.The artists featured in the exhibition are of different age groups, ranging from eminent artists to younger ones, and all of them have gained international recognition and participated in numerous

In late November 2023, the CLBF Beihuichi Kindergarten in Foshan City, Guangdong, China, organized a successful "We Are the World" UN International Day event. The event aimed to introduce children and parents to the customs and cultures of different countries, promote an understanding of the world's diversity, and highlight the unique values and contributions of each country.One of the kindergarten's teachers, Amalya Poghosyan, who hails from Armenia, meticulously prepared her group to represent her homeland during the event. She wore a stylized version of the traditional Armenian garment, while her Chinese colleague, who held the Armenian national flag, donned the

On December 1, Narek Van Ashughatoyan presented his collection of crosses to the public for the first time, with the aim of overcoming the "collector's egoism.” Narek chose the first words of the prayer dedicated to the cross as the title of the exhibition, namely, "Let your cross be our refuge, Lord Jesus.” The "Khach Qo" exhibition was held at the Museum of Russian Art and showcased wooden and metal crosses with a wide geographic and temporal coverage. In addition, the exhibition featured samples of embroidery, a page of parchment depicting the crucifixion episode, and the first Armenian printed Bible, opened

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