Armenian performing arts and traditional garments showcased to Chinese audiences in Beijing and Qingdao

Armenian performing arts and traditional garments showcased to Chinese audiences in Beijing and Qingdao

In the final weeks of December 2023, the country of China was alive with excitement and celebration as various cultural festivals and celebrations unfolded. Amidst the many enthusiastic participants and performers, there were Armenian students and residents who were eager to showcase the rich history, culture, and traditions of their homeland to an international audience. One of the standout performers was Eliz Stepanyan, who was the only Armenian student studying at the Beijing International Studies University. On December 29th, she took part in the International Festival, where she impressed and delighted students from all over the world, including Ghana, Morocco, Central Africa, and Tunisia, by teaching them the traditional Armenian dance “kochari.” During the event, Eliz proudly represented the replica of the sumptuous Armenian traditional garments of the Karin region, as each country displayed its traditional attire. She was thrilled to see the interest of Chinese students in Armenian culture, as evidenced by their enthusiasm for her dress and dance. 

Meanwhile, another talented Armenian student, Lilit Dallakyan, graced the stage of the Qingdao University Theater’s 2024 New Year’s Eve Party for Chinese and foreign students with an elegant Armenian dance to the well-known and beloved musical composition “Artsakh” by Ara Gevorgyan. Lilit’s traditional Armenian clothing featured a gown with floral patterns, an apron, and a headgear with a veil, highly resembling the Armenian national costume of Yerevan from the late 19th to early 20th century. Her performance was attended by more than 500 Chinese and foreign teachers and students, including representatives of relevant functional departments of the school and teachers and students of the School of International Education and Linyi Shangcheng Foreign Language School. Lilit’s performance was so well-received that she was invited to perform at the 2nd International Culture Day during the Jinjialing School Final Festival, which was also on December 29th. Her attire and performance were highly praised by the audience, making her a bridge between the two countries by introducing Chinese spectators to Armenian culture, performing arts, and national costumes.

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