The Armenian Art and Wine Festival commenced in Shanghai

The Armenian Art and Wine Festival commenced in Shanghai

As the Armenian Chinese Partnership Center reports, on June 26, the Shanghai 2024 Armenian Art and Wine Festival commenced at the Global Hub International Center of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. The festival showcased Armenian wines and brandy and approximately 50 pieces of art and sculpture representing modern Armenian art.
The attendees included the leadership of the Shanghai Government Foreign Relations Department, Commercial Department, Shanghai International Trade Promotion Council, Global Hub Center of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, representatives from museums, cultural and art organizations, trade networks, media, as well as Chinese artists and scholars, totaling around 120 guests.
During the festival’s formal inauguration, guests were enlightened about the history and unique attributes of Armenian winemaking, the evolution of Armenian art, and Professor Qi, a historian, who provided a succinct overview of Armenian civilization based on his eponymous book.
Following the official proceedings, attendees had the opportunity to explore the exhibition and indulge in tastings of Armenian wine and brandy.

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