The Armenian national costume capturing the hearts of Chinese audiences 

The Armenian national costume capturing the hearts of Chinese audiences 

Between October and November 2023, an increasing number of Armenian teachers and students in China embraced the use of Armenian folk costumes to exhibit the rich cultural heritage and national identity of their country. 

Among them, Karine Avdalyan, a teacher of Armenian origin at the Changzhou Changwai bilingual school, organized a class that focused on Armenian history and culture while donning Armenian garments from the Karin region. Her attire was accentuated with elegant headgear featuring intricate hand embroidery and beadwork. 

During the opening ceremony of the sports games at Nanjing University, an international cultural festival was conducted to showcase the ancestral heritage of different ethnicities. Representing her country, Nane Poghosyan, a student from Armenia, wore a typical Armenian folk gown from the late 19th to early 20th century Yerevan and Tiflis Armenian community. 

Similarly, Vlada Ferafontova, a student of Armenian descent at Shanghai East China Normal University, also participated in the annual international cultural festival. Her attire consisted of an Armenian-style gown and accessories decorated with motifs and ornaments characteristic of Armenian traditional stage costumes. 

It is worth noting that the Armenian teachers and students received considerable attention from Chinese students, professors, teachers, and other attendees of the events. The Chinese audience and visitors were highly intrigued by the Armenian national costume, many of whom were eager to capture photographs and learn more about it.

The intricate details of the attires, including the vibrant colors and unique embroidery, have captivated viewers and elicited admiration. This phenomenon speaks to the power of cultural exchange, as it highlights the beauty and richness of Armenian traditions and the ability of such customs to resonate with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Overall, the reception of the Armenian national costume in China serves as a testament to the value of cultural appreciation and understanding and underscores the importance of embracing diversity in today’s globalized world.

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