The Mother Armenia monument integrates the concepts of motherhood and patriotism

The Mother Armenia monument integrates the concepts of motherhood and patriotism

Monuments are significant cultural representations and bearers of history. The story of “Mother Armenia” (Մայր Հայաստան) dates back to the 20th century and is a prominent example of such a monument. This hammered copper statue stands 22 meters tall and has an overall height of 51 meters, including the basalt museum-pedestal. Notably, the pedestal was designed by architect Rafayel Israyelian to resemble a three-nave basilica Armenian church to ensure that occupying a pedestal could be a lasting honor. The interior of the pedestal is light and pleasing to the eye, in contrast to the right-angled shapes of the external view, and resembles Echmiadzin’s seventh-century St. Hripsime Church.
Mother Armenia was erected in a park to embody and encompass the memory of the Great Patriotic War, symbolizing the Armenian people’s participation in the war along with the others in the Soviet Brotherhood of Nations. The statue represents peace through strength and is a reminder of the prominent female figures in Armenian history, such as Sose Mayrig and others who took up arms to help their husbands. It also represents the high status and value attributed to the older female members of an Armenian family.
Mother Armenia’s location on a hill overlooking Yerevan gives it the appearance of a guardian of the Armenian capital, symbolizing the importance and power of the Armenian people. The monument is a powerful symbol of the Armenian people’s strength and resilience, as well as their dedication to peace and the preservation of their cultural heritage.

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