The ongoing exhibition of Armenian folk culture is currently anchored at the Ningbo Museum, China

The ongoing exhibition of Armenian folk culture is currently anchored at the Ningbo Museum, China

On January 30th, the Ningbo Museum in China hosted the “Noah’s Land – Exhibition of Armenian Cultural Treasures from the 18th to 20th Centuries from the Yerevan Historical Museum.” This exhibition, which showcases Armenian history, humanities, and art, features a range of national costumes, silverware, carpets, and photographs that reflect the country’s urban appearance and rich history. The Republic of Armenia, located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and bordered by Georgia, Iran, Turkey, and Azerbaijan, is a landlocked country situated at the junction of the Eurasian continent. Armenia is known as an “island wonderland” in the mountains, and according to legend, the “Noah’s Ark,” which carried the hope of human civilization, docked on Mount Ararat in the historical Armenian region.
Armenia’s traditional costumes, jewelry, silverware, carpets, and other artworks on display at the exhibition showcase the magical imagination and creativity of the people who reside in this land. The Armenian women’s traditional dress, famous for its rich shades, is particularly striking. Shades of cherry red to blaze red is common in Armenian women’s clothing, with red symbolizing life, the sun, and endless life, and serving as a defense against evil, disease, and infertility.
It is worth mentioning that earlier, in July 2023, the Fujian Museum in Fuzhou hosted an exhibition of 19th- 20th-century Armenian art relics from the permanent collection of the Yerevan History Museum. This exhibition, held in one of the national first-class museums of the People’s Republic of China, was well-received and demonstrated the strong cultural connections between the two nations. The Noah’s Land exhibition is yet another symbol of the cultural interactions and strong bond between Armenia and China and is an opportunity for visitors to explore and appreciate Armenia’s unique art and culture.

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