Potential threat of vandalism and demolition to Armenian architectural monuments located in Artsakh

Potential threat of vandalism and demolition to Armenian architectural monuments located in Artsakh

Raising awareness about the vulnerability of Armenian architectural monuments in Artsakh is of great importance. According to ChinArmArt, there are over 80 monasteries, churches, and architectural complexes (the earliest dating back to the 4th century) that may be at risk of demolition. The preservation of valuable Armenian art forms, such as cross-stones, gravestones, and tombstones adorned with intricate reliefs, as well as tombs belonging to members of the princely, monastic, and mercantile classes, is also a matter of concern. It is imperative that we take appropriate measures to safeguard these cultural treasures for the benefit of future generations.

• The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist of the Gandzasar Monastery (1216-1238) (Cathedral of St. Hovhannes Mkrtich)

• Dadivank (4th century)

• Katoghike (9-11th century)

• Amaras Monastery (4th century) 

The church of St. Grigoris (established in the 4th century and rebuilt in the 19th century) 

• St. George of Tsitsernavank, fifth-to-sixth century and former monastery in the Kashatagh Province of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (formerly Lachin Rayon of Azerbaijan). The monastery is within five kilometers of the border of Armenia’s province of Syunik. Presumably, relics of St. George were kept in the church.

• Gtichavank -13th-century Armenian Apostolic Church monastery located in the district of Hadrut (historical country of Dizak) of the Republic of Artsakh named after the historical Armenian Kingdom of Artsakh. 

• Yeghishe Arakyal Monastery (Jrvshtik) (5th) 

The monastery of the Holy Apostle Yeghishe is situated in the Martakert province of Artsakh, in the north-west of the village of Mataghis, one of the ancient Christian monastery complexes.

• White Cross of Vankasar (5th century)

• Dizapayt Kataro Monastery 

Kataro or Katarovank (“Katar” in Armenian “peak”) located in the Hadrut province at the top of one of the highest mountains of Artsakh – Dizapayt (2478 m) 

• Holy Mother of God (5th century)

• Bread Bakery church (7-17 centuries)

• Okht Mokhrenisi Door Monastery (7-17th)

• St. Hakobavank Monastery in Kolatak (9th)

• The Holy Savior of Jori (9th century)

• St. Stephen of Tsmakahogh (9th-10th)

• Spitak Khach Monastery, Vank village, Hadrut (10th century)

• Chartar Yeghisha Kus Desert (12th round)

• St. George of Chankatagh (12th century)

• Khotavank (12-13th century)

• Karvachar Surb Astvatsatsin virgin desert (12-13th century)

• The Holy Savior of Paul (12th-13th centuries)

• Shoshkavank St. of Msmna

• Astvatsatsin (13th century)

• Horeka Monastery (13th century) 

• Gandzasar Monastery, 4th c. and St Hovhannes Mkrtich (1216-1238)

• Kavakavank (14th century)

• Gospel of St. Gayane the Virgin in the Desert (1616)

• Holy Resurrection of Hadrut (1621)

• Pirumashen (1641)

• Holy Mother of God of the Gospel (1651)

• St. Stephen of the Cross (1654)

• Shoshi New Church (1655)

• Holy Pandaleon of Berdadzor (Paris Pigeon) (1658)

• Ghondiants Desert of Moshkhmhat (1658)

• Haki St. Minas (1673)

• Church of St. Gregory of Herher (1676)

• The Holy Mother of God of Tsaghkavank, Tsakuri (1682)

• Yeritsmankants Monastery (1691)

• Masrik Church of Kashunik (1694)

• Desert Holy Savior (Napat) (17th century)

• Hochants St. Stepanos (17th century)

• Bovurkhan Monastery Complex (17th century)

• St. John the Baptist of Togh (1736)

• Holy Virgin of Khnatsakh (1740)

• St. Stephen of Padara (18th)

• Holy Mother of God of Mushkapat (18th century)

• Surb Astvatsatsin of Dashushen (1843)

• St. John the Baptist of Shushi (1847)

• The Holy Virgin of Nngi (1853)

• St. John Garabed of Martakert (1857)

• The Holy Mother of God of Aygestan (1860)

• The Holy Virgin Karin Dag (1862)

• Holy Savior of Shushi (1868-1887)

• Ashan Surb Astvatsatsin (1896)

• St. George of Astghashen (1898)

• St. George of Mataghis (1898)

• Holy Mother of God of Talish (19th century)

• Holy Savior of the Garmeragoudj (19th century)

• Holy Mother of God of Karaglkh (19th century)

• St. John the Baptist of Nor Shen (19th century)

• Holy Mother of God of Haghorti (19th)

• Holy Mother of God of Khnushinak (19th)

• Surb Astvatsatsin of Kolkhozashen (19th century)

• Holy Translators of Kaghartsi (19th)

• Surb Astvatsatsin of Lusadzor (19th)

• Holy Savior of Sarushen (19th)

• Surb Astvatsatsin of Karmir village (19th)

• St. Stephen of Khachen (19th century)

• St. Hripsime of Berdadzor (19th century)

• Surb Astvatsatsin of Nerkin Horatagh (1904)

• Holy Mother of God of the Apostle (1907)

• The Holy Ascension of Berdzor (1998)

• Holy Martyrs of Aghavno (2002)

• Holy Mother of God of Askeran (2002)

• St. Nerses the Great of Martuni (2004)

• Holy Garabed of Yeghtsahogh (2006)

• St. Sargis of Harutyunagomer (2006)

• St. Anton of Zaglik (2007)

• Holy Garabed of Nerkin Horatagh (2012)

• Holy Mother of God of Vaghuhas (2012)

• St. John the Baptist of Karaglkh (2013)

• St. George of Mets Shen (2013)

Chartar St. Vardanants (2018)

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