Treasures of Metsamor

Treasures of Metsamor

During the excavations in the ancient site of Metsamor, which have been held for more than fifty years, the citadel with a palace and economic buildings, the unique shrines with alters, the “observatory” for viewing the celestial bodies, the “workshop” of smelters and foundries representing the complete cycle of metalworking, Early Bronze Age raw brick dwellings, with round plan, a Late Bronze-Iron Age urban district and a vast tomb have been unearthed.
The Museum of History and Archeology at Metsamor Site was established in 1968. The museum collection consists of about 28.000 artifacts, with 8.500 on view. It covers the Chalcolithic (Copper Stone) era, which lasted from the 5-4th mil BCE to the 17-18th centuries CE (Late Middle Ages).
The exhibition halls showcase in detail the history of the old settlement and the military-political, economic, commercial, and socio-cultural history of one of the most important cities of the Armenian Highlands. The museum also exhibits the reconstruction of the tomb dated back to the Late Bronze Age.
Unique luxury artifacts made of gold, tin, silver, amber, cornelian, and paste are on display in a special underground exhibition hall. It’s worth mentioning that the oldest gold jewelry known on the territory of Armenia has been excavated at the ancient site of Metsamor and is currently displayed in the special hall of the museum.

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