The Armenian female artist who brought to life Armenian folklore in clay and porcelain

Hripsime Simonyan porcelain figurine ChinArmArt

The Armenian female artist who brought to life Armenian folklore in clay and porcelain

The Armenian female artist Hripsime Simonyan (1916-1998) is regarded one of the founders of Armenian applied art during the Soviet era. She was an Armenian artist and sculptor, who made an invaluable contribution to the development of decorative art and ceramics. She was rewarded as being People’s Artist of Armenia (1974). 

In 1945, she graduated from the Tbilisi Art academy, majoring in sculpture, minor ceramics. From 1956 she took over the position of head of ceramics department of the Yerevan State Art and Theatre institute, from 1977 she has been awarded with a professor degree. In 1945, she started the department of applied arts within the Armenian Painters’ (Artist) Association, which she led until 1975. 

In 1946-1947, Simonyan organised the first trip to regions of Armenia to get acquainted with the work of folk artists. Soon after this trip, she began to speak at various artist conferences and produced reports in print on Armenian decorative arts and folk art. In 1947, a porcelain factory was established in Yerevan, and from 1948 to 1949, she served as a chief artist and sculptor of that local porcelain factory, creating a series of figurines and tableware for mass production, inspired by Armenian folklore. 

Simonyan’s artistic development grew from porcelain and clay miniatures, to pottery vessels with architectural forms, as well as large clay sculptures, which can be found scattered throughout public and municipal buildings, streets and parks of Yerevan, Gyumri and Moscow.

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