The Armenian collector and connoisseur has put on display his collection of rare crosses

The Armenian collector and connoisseur has put on display his collection of rare crosses

On December 1, Narek Van Ashughatoyan presented his collection of crosses to the public for the first time, with the aim of overcoming the “collector’s egoism.” Narek chose the first words of the prayer dedicated to the cross as the title of the exhibition, namely, “Let your cross be our refuge, Lord Jesus.”

The “Khach Qo” exhibition was held at the Museum of Russian Art and showcased wooden and metal crosses with a wide geographic and temporal coverage. In addition, the exhibition featured samples of embroidery, a page of parchment depicting the crucifixion episode, and the first Armenian printed Bible, opened with a crucifixion engraving on the page. The collection includes the oldest sample from the 9th century, as well as the earliest piece, which is a painting of the crucifixion, the work of Narek’s son, Van, who is just six years old.

Narek is a seasoned collector renowned for his impressive collection of historical Armenian needlework samples. He recognizes the importance of contextualizing any subject to gain a deeper understanding of cultural expressions. Narek is passionate about preserving Armenian holy artifacts and purchases them with the intention of keeping them in Armenia and ensuring their respectful treatment. Moreover, Narek’s love for Armenian culture extends to non-Armenian crosses, which he acquires with equal enthusiasm. His motivation for this is personal, as he seeks to comprehend the role of Armenian culture in a broader context by exploring its aesthetic features.

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