“Armenian Jazz Treasure” Tigran Hamasyan touring in China 

“Armenian Jazz Treasure” Tigran Hamasyan touring in China 

Tigran Hamasyan, known as the “Armenian Jazz Treasure,” “Jazz Music Pioneer,” and “Modern Jazz Piano Master,” is one of the most unique and exceptional jazz pianists and composers of our time. His music is heavily influenced by traditional Armenian and American jazz music. In contrast to other jazz pianists who usually start their careers by playing and arranging traditional jazz standards before composing their own compositions, Tigran has always composed, recorded, and performed his original musical compositions and traditional Armenian songs since 2005. 

He only started playing traditional jazz standards on his eleventh album, StandArt, where he creatively combines traditional jazz, rock music, and traditional Armenian folk music to redefine jazz standards. On the album, Tigran uses a consistent trio configuration and performs jazz standards from the 1920s to the 1950s. He interprets these songs creatively, making it difficult to find many similarities with the original songs, except for the names and basic melody. 

The music is dizzying, with frequent changes in time signatures, irregular rhythms, and a constant tacit cooperation between piano, bass, and drums, with melody, harmony, and rhythm seamlessly blending together. 

Tigran Hamasyan Trio will perform at JZ Club Guangzhou on October 16th at 8:40 pm. Let’s look forward to a fantastic performance that night!

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