Armenians celebrate Christmas on the 6th of January

Armenians celebrate Christmas on the 6th of January

Armenian Christmas is celebrated annually on January 6. This holiday has been a part of Armenian traditions for more than 1700 years and has been celebrated similarly since its inception.
Unlike Catholics, Armenians celebrate the Epiphany of Christ, which is the revelation of Jesus Christ as the son of God, rather than Christ’s birthday. Armenians celebrate this religious holiday by fasting, followed by feasts, including rice, nuts, desserts, and candies.
Some Armenians observe a fast a week before Armenian Christmas. It is followed by celebrations similar to Christmas celebrated worldwide on December 25. The festivities include meeting up for family dinners, making traditional Armenian recipes, playing games, exchanging gifts, and greeting each other with the words “Քրիստոս ծնաւ եւ յայտնեցաւ: Մեզ եւ Ձեզ մեծ աւետիս.”

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