Nanjing hosts the “Moon River”- the solo exhibition of the Italian artist 

Nanjing hosts the “Moon River”- the solo exhibition of the Italian artist 

On one hand, unusual and unconventional juxtapositions of mundane landscape scenes and bright, flat fairy, as if child-drawn bees, butterflies, and fireflies, floating into the viewer’s space; on the other- poetic landscapes abundant with hues of green and eye-pleasing greenery hid from the spectator beneath the thick, bold, and daring white dots or swirls, creating the vision of the frontier world- the encounter of illusion and imagination and recognizable and objective visual perception. The exhibition unveils the side of the aesthetic signature style of the artist that might be interpreted as the manifestation of the triumph of modernity, the natural right of the modern oil painter to challenge the rules and traditions of the landscape genre while slightly employing both linear and atmospheric perspective and figurative motifs.

“Moon River,” a solo exhibition by the Italian artist Stefano Galli, opened its doors to art lovers on June 25.

“Moon River” is a metaphor for the artist’s continuously flowing imagination world. Stefano takes experience and memory as the basis for investigation in his painting practice. He inserts intervention from the digital world into the classical art tradition to enter into the dialogue with the creation theme and re-give meaning.

The imagery of nature runs through his works in the past six months, and the fluid spread of colors in his works is like the flowing emotions he narrates, which are fleeting. Stefano possesses the sensitive power to connect painting and image, and painting becomes the tentacle of his mind; from searching for the expressive power close to reality to finding his own imaginary space, the whole process often appears in random and unexpected ways. The layering of individual experiences and the exchange of multiple cultures build his attempt to observe, understand, and interpret the world.

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