Happy Armenian Easter!

Happy Armenian Easter!

Kristos Haryav i Merelots! Orhnyal e Haroutioun Kristosi! Christ is risen! Blessed is the Resurrection of Christ! Քրիստոս հարյավ ի մեռելոց, օրհնյալ է հարությունը Քրիստոսի- On this day Armenians welcome each other this way as the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates the Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ or Easter.
Armenian Easter is called “Zatik,” which means liberation and salvation as a sign of Jesus’ deliverance from suffering, death, and chaos. In Armenia, people go to church, lent, paint eggs, fight with the eggs, and gather together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Although Armenians do not eat rice as often as people in Asia, during Easter, they cook rice with raisins where rice is the symbol of humanity, and raisins represent all Christians around the world. The easter table also includes Armenian fish Ishkhan and red wine, symbolizing flesh and blood of Christ.

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