Colors of the Armenian traditional garments

Colors of the Armenian traditional garments

Armenian traditional dress is called “Taraz.” The word itself has many meanings, for example, form, shape, make, fashion, way, manner, look, appearance, formula, costume, uniform, and dress.
The characteristics of Armenian clothing included red fabrics and rich, colorful ornamentation.
The Armenian costume is dominated by the colors of the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. According to the 14th-century Armenian philosopher Grigor Tatevatsi, the Armenian costume is made to express the ancestral soil, the whiteness of the water, the red of the air, and the yellow/orange of the fire.
Armenian brides never wore white dresses for a wedding, and engaged women wore a ring not only on their ring finger but also on the thumb; the wedding ring could also be made of not only gold but silver. The red color of the female wedding attire personified happiness and the family hearth, while the green color in the male clothing symbolized fertility.
Mandatory attributes of the women’s wedding attire were a belt and an apron. Sewn from red or purple silk, the belt contained the inscription “for the joy of what will be worn” and the bride’s name. The apron could be of any color but was always decorated with an ornament to protect the bride from the evil eye. The crown placed on the bride and groom’s heads during the wedding ceremony was made of white, green, and red threads. These colors signified peace, life, and sacrifice. The red and green ribbons are related to this tradition. Accordingly, green represents life, and red symbolizes sacrifice.

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