The rug for the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles woven by an Armenian

Los angeles olympic rug by an Armenian ChinArmArt

The rug for the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles woven by an Armenian

An Armenian refugee Pilibos Kazanjian who settled in the United States after the Armenian Genocide of 1895, wove an exquisite rug dedicated to the 1932 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles. A photograph of him and this rug appeared in the Los Angeles Examiner, Los Angeles Herald, and Fresno’s Mshag newspaper. At the top of the rug are the population of Los Angeles and the name of the city, which was founded 151 years earlier. The dates 1892-1932 refer to the Olympic games, whose modern iterations began in 1892. In 1932, the tenth modern Olympics were hosted by Los Angeles. The Armenian tricolor appears on both sides of the rug. In the center are two American flags, waving, hanging from the cups. One cup bears the letter W, short for “World,” and the other C, short for “Champion.” The two strips on each side of him bear the letters U and S, short for the United States. At the bottom is the Los Angeles Coliseum, where the athletes will compete in the Olympic Games. Below it is the inscription, in English, “Welcome to Los Angeles,” followed by the date, 1932, and Kh., which stands for Khazandjian.
It’s noteworthy that Pilibos H. Kazanjian, while still in Hussenig, wove a Persian rug that features the entire Armenian alphabet. He wove another rug in 1907, which features his family tree, including his children’s names, and which bears the inscription “Kharpert Hussenig 1907.”

Photography source: Houshadamyan

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